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onsdag 23/04

Vinje’s Rock

Etter å ha laget liv i Norges kriker og kroker er han nå i Oslo med både ny og gammel musikk som trekker i smilebåndene og rister i rockefoten. Vinje leverer en bred variasjon av låter fra rock til elektronisk musikk. Her er det rock med god stemning!

torsdag 24/04

Dj Eirik

also known as DJ FML has played in different clubs like Nivou, Turkish Delight, Livingroom, Mona Lisa etc. Played at ASAP Rockys afterparty, and at Busta Rhymes concert in Lillehammer. Plays everything from hip-hop/rnb to lounge/deep house! Most famous for the Millenium mixes where hip-hop/rnb/dancehall from the last decade are played.

fredag 25/04

Leftsound crew

the best of french vibez @ Cafe Sør
be there and enjoy the moment of love
Warmup 19-22: live konsert med «Battling Beauties»

lørdag 26/04


Born from the Brusses Jungle scene, Pinguino has been moving & playing around Europe for more than a decade and a half, slipping and sliding through all forms of the Bass music spectrum. Eventually finding a happy habitat to wiggle and swing to, he brought his multitude of beats and eclectic wobbles to the peoples. Working with all types of electronic music, he earned himself the title of Schizo Pinguino.

Schizo Pinguino is also behind the creations of Metafusion Soundsystem, Speakeasy ElectroSwing Oslo, Wobble Your Glitch, Sirup, BAM and Oslo Bass Radio.

Warmup: Dj

tirsdag 29/04

«Ready or Not!» Latin flavor


DJ Keskya setter i gang et smooth tirsdagsparty med fullt dansegulv!

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