Winner of the R.O.N "Ready Or Not" Concept 2015 in the Dj's Category in Paris (FRANCE), And official Deejay of The Juste Debout Nordic 2016.
Dj Stew started his career in the heart of Oslo. Inspired by the tranquility of the 90`s, he is now rocking the turntables all around the world. Dj Stew is known for bringing his good vibe in every party and is for that reason one of the most requested djs in Oslo.
Being Caribbean and raised in France, Stew have been influenced with all kind of rythmes. In 2009 he finally found his way to Norway and have humbly worked his way around with the best. His goal is to make everyone have a great time and enjoying his passion, music!
Plays everything, but mostly:
- soul
- rnb
- hip hop
- dancehall
- house from the 70’s til today

Café Sør (Oslo)
NOX (Oslo)
Ballroom (Oslo)
The Villa (Oslo)
Seeds (Oslo)
Kennelklubben (Oslo)
Frk.Larsen (Kristiansand)
Familien (Trondheim)
Club Stift (Lillehammer)
Metro/Soho (Bergen)
Baremas Tapas & Bar (Drøbak)
Mango (Copenhagen)
Los Maquienes (Vigo/Spain)
Studio 57 (Porrino/Spain)
Nefertitti (Gothenburg/Sweden)
Klubb Kokk (Bergen/Norway)
Stor Vega (Cophenagen/Denmark)
Nox (Kaunas/Lithuania)
La Bevilloise (Paris/France)
Dattera Til Hagen (Oslo/Norway)
After party:

Kendrick lamar (café sør)
DMX (ballroom)
Rihanna (sollihagen)
fatman scoop (rockefeller) 

Other events:

Urban Moves 2015 & 2016 (Oslo, No) 
Juste Debout Nordic 2016 (Cophenague, DK) 
Streetstar 2016 (Stockholm, SWE) 
Vilnius Street Battle (Vilnius, LT) 
Loke is Not a Joke 2016(Paris,FR) 
Øya Festival 2016 (Oslo,NO)
Vilnius 2016

Upcoming events: 

- US Tour (October)
NYC, Philly, Baltimore & DC

- Sout African Tour (November)
Cape Town & Johannesburg

- Asia Tour (December) 
Japan, Taiwan & Thailand