Hot-B Da Sufi is a west African hip hop Emcee.
He was born in the Gambia and grew up between Senegal and the Gambia.
Hot-B is now residing in Oslo/ Norway still doing his thing!
Da sufi started rapping in 1997.
He released 3 albums in Africa. The first was (Love & Peace Senegmbia) released in The Gambia in 2007.
The second was (Just for the Love) released in 2010 as a free download album and free cds.
Thelast one is (Hip Hop Still) released in 2013 in both online stores , like Itunes and Spotify and hard copies in Africa.
He rap in English and wolof and other languages.
His style of mixing   all the diffetent languages together is another intetesting style of hip hop from Hot-B Da Sufi!
He got couple of videos on YouTube too.
Now he is working on his next project an Ep!
Hot-B Da Sufi Hip hop Still Hip Hop.



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