Henry Banks is a DJ quite unlike any other. His eclectic taste and deep musical knowledge has allowed him to rock dance floors across the globe. His style while rooted in all things funk embraces a myriad of genres ensuring his sets always suit any given dance floor. Having begun DJing in 2006 Banks has garnered a reputation for diversity and a willingness to play marathon sets that always leave people wanting more. Banks never fails to create or source highly original music to include in his dynamic and vibrant sets. Coming from Melbourne, Australia but now based in Trondheim, Banks is a resident at Blæst and Diskoteket. He is also head of production company Mad Love which hosts the seminal Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On parties where he has played alongside funk and bass heavyweights Stickybuds, Opiuo, Slynk, JOD, FreQ Nasty, Basement Freaks and Bobby C Sound TV. The future will see Banks take his inimitable style and sounds across the globe leaving dance floors ecstatic and exhausted in his wake.

Tonights Warm-up is the very talented Leoni!