Fredag 17/10:Dj Eirik

17. oktober, 2014

Also known as DJ FML has played in different clubs like Nivou, Turkish Delight, Livingroom, Mona Lisa etc. Played at ASAP Rockys afterparty, and at Busta Rhymes concert in Lillehammer. Plays everything from hip-hop/rnb to lounge/deep house! Most famous for the Millenium mixes where hip-hop/rnb/dancehall from the last decade are played.</p>


Tirsdag 21/10 : «Ready or Not!» Latin flavor

21. oktober, 2014

Tirsdag 30/09 : «Ready or Not!» Latin flavor DJ Keskya setter i gang hver tirsdager et chill party med fullt dansegulv! BACHATA, KIZOMBA , SALSA, RNB… Du er herved invitert!

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Lørdag 25/10:DJ HENRY BANKS

25. oktober, 2014

Henry Banks aka Big Bank Hank – a DJ quite unlike any other. His eclectic taste and deep musical knowledge has allowed him to rock dance floors across the globe. His style while rooted in all things funk embraces a myriad of genres ensuring his sets always suit any given dance floor!! This friday he is serving […]

musikk fra sør

Musikk fra Sør festival 2014

30. oktober, 2014

Fra torsdag 30.oktober til lørdag 1.november holder vi en liten mini festival på Cafe Sør. Torsdag 30.Oktober 19:30 Mari Joramo http://www.marijoramo.com 20:30 Grace Eboue https://soundcloud.com/ebouegrace Fredag 31.Oktober 19:30 Juniper Duo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk9or-zXr_k 20:30 King Milo Milo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-EcLQYZTik Lørdag 1.November 19:30 Jesus Morente http://urort.p3.no/#!/Band/JesusPaneaMorente 20:30 Koda CC: Gratis