22. juli, 2014

Kevin Fauske er en bergenser med bart som digger sleip husmusikk, nydisko og jersey-klubb… musikk for jentene med andre ord. Reiser om dagen rundt i Norge å spiller på klubber. Han har en stor kjærlighet for sleip house, men spiller gjerne noe nu disco eller indie dance. Hør tidliger miksteiper på soundcloud eller følg med […]


14/08: Dj Stine Amundsen

21. juli, 2014

Stine Amundsen er en ung og lovende DJ fra Oslo som elsker elektronisk dansemusikk, spesielt house og nydisko. Hun har tidligere spilt på Seeds, Dattera til Hagen, Badstugata og Fisk & Vilt. Torsdag 14.august står hun bak spakene på Cafe Sør. Vi sees!


09/08-Dj balErik

20. juli, 2014

Erik (balErik) Molthe, is one of the leading DJs in the Oslo underground house music scene since he started DJing in 2001. One of Erik’s nights, Dirty Grooves, got nominated best club night of the year 2 years in a row in an online clubbing magazine as well as being nominated ‘DJ of the year’ […]


15/08-Tom Caldino (DeathStarDisco)

20. juli, 2014

om Erik`s lidenskap for musikk viste seg allerede som barn ved at han ble rolig hver gang musikk ble spilt. Han vokste opp med musikk rundt seg hele tiden og begynte å spille trompet i en alder av 6 år. Som 13 åring begynte Tom Erik å spille gitar i band. Når han nådde 20 […]

bass royale

26/7 : Bass Royale

19. juli, 2014

We are back once again! The royalty of electronic bass music is back! We have been sharpening our skills and expanding our librarys of neverending good music.Sharpen your ears and open your hearts♥   Join us at Cafe Sør lørdag, this is going to be fun! BASS ROYALE: Dj crew /Club Concept /Bass Collective A dj […]


Hver søndager fra kl 21: JAM MED THE SMOOTHIES

18. juli, 2014

Analog soul and future funk. Real music by real people. Bakgrund The Smoothies blend the likes of Prince, P-funk allstars and Pink floyd with a sprinkle of blues and soul. It’s an amalgamation of old ideas and future visions. With lyrical themes spanning sex to space-exploration, The Smoothies are never superfluous in their message. Grown […]


24/7 DJ Andrew Carvell

18. juli, 2014

Having remixed and produced under many pseudonym’s for some of the biggest artists in the world (including U2, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Way Out West, Harry Gregson-Williams, Hybrid, Quivver, Timo Garcia, FC Kahuna, Elegant Universe and Lustral) and Djing across the UK and Europe for 13 years , Andrew Carvell now holds a Worldwide Residency […]

curfew logo1 (2)

25/7 Curfew Steppaz

18. juli, 2014

Curfew Steppas are devoted to reggae music & culture. We take pride in recording dubplates to personalize our musical style, but we dont concider ourself a clash sound, rather a good vibes sound! Musicwise, the style is often variated to blend in to every crowd. Up to di time dancehall, 80..s digital to the roots […]


22/7:»Ready or Not!» Latin flavor

15. juli, 2014

DJ Keskya setter i gang hver tirsdager et chill party med fullt dansegulv! BACHATA, KIZOMBA , SALSA, RNB… Du er herved invitert!


31/7 kl 19: Dj Remii

26. mai, 2014

Remii from oslo has a passion for 90s r&b, disco and electro. He has done a remix of rihanna’s diamonds and donell jones you know whats up. He plays anything thats funky and makes you wanna boogie!


01/08 fra kl 22: DJ sWEEDe

1. desember, 2013

With support on his and longtime DJ and production partner Phaxx  debut release  ‘Lose My Head’ from Roger Sanchez and a #1 chart position on Traxsource, Magnus Wallberg are off to a flying start. The guys’ next release ‘What’s Going On’ is out now on Canadian based label Phoenix Music and has already reached a […]